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Hearing Aid Consulting

Enhancing the ability to hear, you’ll enhance your overall quality of life, rediscover sound and confidently interact with others.

Hearing Tests

Trouble hearing? Hearing Aid Centers precise hearing diagnostics will provide you with a hearing solution created just for you.

Instrument Consulting

Your hearing aid options include the traditional behind the ear, receiver in the ear and receiver in your ear canal types.

Hearing Aid Fitting

In todays hearing aid market, you have your choice of almost invisible, comfortable, discreet and high fidelity hearing aids.

Tinnitus Evaluation

Roughly 25 million Americans have experienced tinnitus, a symptom associated with many forms of hearing problems.

Batteries and Accessories

There is some maintenance involved with caring for your hearing device, but upkeep is not costly or complicated.

We are Investing
in your hearing

While hearing loss is most common among adults over 65, hearing problems can occur at any age. Most people with hearing impairment can benefit from the use of hearing aids.

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common types of hearing impairment among people of all ages. Exposure to excessively loud noise can permanently damage the hair cells of the cochlea, causing a loss of hearing. The best ways to prevent noise-induced hearing loss:

  • Ear Protection (Earplugs)
  • Reducing TV Volume
  • Alert Early Warning Signs
  • Regular Hearing Exams

Hearing Aid

Our certified hearing aid expert at Hearing Aid Centers, specialize in diagnosing, managing and treating individuals with proper hearing aids. Hearing Aid Centers trained staff determines the best medical and rehabilitative options to achieve better hearing for our patients.


When your hearing exam begins at Hearing Aid Centers, your hearing aid expert will review your personal information with you. They will ask you a few questions to discover the specific types of environments in which you may be experiencing hearing loss and hearing problems. Next, they may look into your ears by using an otoscope, an instrument used to see the ear canal and the eardrum, to inspect whether or not there is earwax obstructing the canal. This testing will enable your hearing aid expert to determine:

  • If Hearing Loss Exists
  • Cause of Hearing Loss
  • Degree of Hearing Loss
  • Both Ears or Just One
  • Best Treatment Options


For our Perry Hall or Catonsville locations


In todays market, you have your choice of almost invisible, comfortable, discreet and high-fidelity hearing aids. There are a plethora of hearing aid types and styles on the market. Hearing aids are comprised of small microphones that collect sounds and a computer chip that converts the incoming sound, analyzes and adjusts the sound based on your hearing loss needs. Then you hear the audio signals through miniature speakers in your ears. Hearing aids work extremely well when they are fitted and adjusted appropriately.

Schedule a visit at either of our locations, for a hearing tested and to hear which hearing solution is right for you.

Hearing Aid

During the hearing aid fitting at Hearing Aid Centers, the device is programmed to meet the needs of the wearer. The wearer is provided with detailed instructions on how to put the hearing aid in the ear and remove it, how to care for and clean the device and how to change batteries. This is also the time that our hearing aid expert reiterates the function of the hearing aid as it relates to the individual’s life style.


Roughly 25 million Americans have experience tinnitus, a symptom associated with many forms of hearing problems. Typically, Tinnitus is caused by loud noises, hearing loss, some medications and other medical related issues. Signs of Tinnitus include hearing a ringing, roaring clicking or hissing sound in your ear, if that noise is constant and if it bothers you. If you are experiencing any of these signs, please schedule an appointment here.

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